Our product candidates are based on our proprietary allogeneic stem cell-based platforms, which are designed to exploit the cells’ anti-inflammatory properties and offer clear advantages over autologous cells, i.e., cells extracted from each individual patient, processed and subsequenty reimplanted into the same patient:

  • Efficient production of large batches of cells through the application of economies of scale with respect to manufacturing and quality control tests.
  • No requirement of patient biopsy/tissue procurement, benefiting both physicians and patients by taking less clinical resources and avoiding taking biopsies from patients who do not possess sufficient healthy tissue or who for any other medical reason cannot undergo tissue procurement.
  • Immediate and consistent availability of cells, allowing the development of therapies for acute conditions which require the immediate availability of cells, such as sepsis and acute myocardial infarction.


TiGenix’ eASC platform is based on expanded stem cells extracted from adipose tissue (eASCs), which are sourced from and applied to consenting patients. In contrast to cells of embryonic origin, there are no complex ethical issues associated with the use of ASCs. By using ASCs, TiGenix is able to capitalize on the benefits associated with this type of cell:



Our allogeneic CSC-based products are derived from our proprietary platform designed to exploit their regenerative potential of stem cells found in cardiac tissue. Starting from myocardial muscle obtained from donor tissue that would typically be discarded during a routine valve replacement operation, the CSCs are isolated and then expanded in vitro.